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How Simplista Improves Retail Operations

Step into Simplista, where we harness Automation and Machine Learning to redefine retail efficiency. Our scalable and configurable platform seamlessly adapts to diverse data scenarios, syncing effortlessly with multiple GDSNs. With a commitment to data accuracy and a forward-thinking approach to digital assets, Simplista empowers retailers to make informed decisions and enhance the online customer experience.

Data Accuracy

The utmost data quality and accuracy is foundational to Simplista. From customer experience both online and in-store to operations and analytics, data accuracy empowers retailers to make the right decisions. Our robust rules engine ensure data integrity is adhered to for all data leaving Simplista. Additionally, Simplista allows you to run data in your ERP through the rules engine ensuring data is never compromised and data accuracy is always upheld.

Automation AI/ML

AI and ML have become increasingly popular in the retail industry to optimize and improve operations. At Simplista, our goal is to improve Productivity and Operational Efficiencies by automating repetitive, manual tasks and streamlining data inputs for consistency and accuracy. AI/ML provides predictions and probabilities to improve data accuracy.

Vision Capabilities

Having a product image on your site drives customer traffic and drive sales. We ensure that not only are images provided at the time of item onboarding, but that the image supports retailer specific rules and validations.  We perform visional analysis using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that automatically extracts data from product images to populate and validate product attributes, a valuable feature to improve Omnichannel and the overall online customer experience.

Scalable and Configurable

Simplista manages high volume, complex data scenarios with speed and accuracy while adjusting to retailer specific taxonomy. No need to get project approvals, funding and involve IT to make simple updates. With our Administration access, we give the power back to the business to manage changes to the UI, workflow and rules management. Simplista adapts to the changing needs of the business and enables rapid compliance to changing laws and regulations.

Synchronize GDSNs

A complete and accurate item listing may require access to data from multiple sources. With our multi-GDSN feature, we can set priorities by attribute and ensure the most current and complete data is used while also ensuring the data has been validated and certified, giving you the confidence in any claims made about the product.

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